Thursday, October 30, 2008

Batch geocoder with CSV output

Geocoding a list of addresses as a batch can be done faster than some times ago. Still you cannot send a bunch of geocode requests by GClientGeocoder at one moment. They must be done one by one. Just wait that the former request is answered before you send a new one.

This is a batch geocoder page that takes a line feed separated list of addresses. Many address lists don't contain country or state names if they are constant. There are even lists without town mentioned. Those missing constant names can be added in the [extension] field of the page.

Paste your address list and hit [geocode]. The geocoded coordinates will be listed on output field and corresponding markers are placed on map. Non-found addresses will be listed on error report field.


ManagementBoy said...

very nice, saved me hours!

Hitechredneck said...


Muzo said...

May you live long and prosper!

AtlanticVirtual said...

Saved me weeks! Thank you!

Andrew said...

Awesome work here. Everyone that is looking for this tool needs to check this one out. I'm surprised that it doesn't get more attention. Well done...saved me hours!

Kenzan said...

How do you output this to make a map with these locations?

tobiask said...


We are developing a batch geocoding software that handles this much easier. You can find more information at

Best regards,

Richard Lear said...

It doesn't leave markers on the page?

Eberhardt Bananzki said...

Hey Esa, you did a very great Job!
But my Machine don't compute as much as 80 Lines without Errors ("# Not Found ...").
Is there a way to handle the Server Requests? Or is Javascript not the best Programming Language for this Requirements?

@ Richard Lear:
try the Script on a Local Machine or Server, the Markers will be available.

Unknown said...


Thank you for sharing.